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DHE 370: Textile and Apparel Market Analysis

Finding Books & Articles - 1Search

Find books, online scholarly articles or newspaper articles that OSU subscribes to.  If you need to find specific items, such as books by a particular author, use the advanced search option for more precise searching. 

You can access 1Search in the middle of the library's home page.

Final Marketing Plan

The final marketing plan will include:

2 drafts (original and revised final) from each of the following: mission statement, target market, and marketing mix.

1 draft of conclusions, a final analysis based on environmental influences, and a line sheet.

An oral presentation.

Getting Specific: Specialty Databases and Resources

For complete searching, it is important not to stop at 1Search. There is a lot of information that you can't find with an internet search, which is only available in specialty databases and websites. The following information in this guide is to help you get to that specialized content.

Market Research

Mintel Market Research Reports Market research information relating to consumer goods and services.  Information is gathered from original market research, analysis of official data and surveys and is then packaged into reports.  Each report follows a similar format, including sections on market, suppliers, trends, etc.  In addition information is provided on social, econmics, and demographic trends and marketing news.

Business Source Premier   Full text and citations to scholarly articles on all aspects of business, management, company profiles, and country information. Includes articles from various business publications, company profiles, industry profiles, and market research reports.

Business Insights: Global  This Gale database gives access to Market Share Reports (under the Industries drop-down) which are full-text reports showing various company rankings within their industry and market share.

Lifestyle market analyst (a book)  This popular marketing tool contains three profile sections: 1) Market Profiles -an overview of the demographics and lifestyle interests of the adult population/households in the 210 U.S. DMA (Designated Market Areas) markets; 2) Lifestyle Profiles -demographic and related lifestyle interest information for over 70 lifestyle interests; and 3) Consumer Segment Profiles, - characteristics of households that fit certain demographic and economic criteria. A fourth section lists consumer magazines and direct marketing lists targeted to each lifestyle interest. (most recent available at OSU: 2006)

International Marketing Data and Statistics and European Marketing Data and Statistics (books) A statistical yearbook containing comparable business and marketing information.  The subjects covered range from banking and finance, consumer market sizes and foreign trade to cultural and economic indicators. It serves as an ideal base for building country profiles, strategic planning and international market analysis. At a glance, you can compare population size by age, length of the average working week, consumer expenditure on hotels by month and much more.  The international edition includes the United States.

Recommended Library Databases

Demographic Data

H&M Store opening

Data is everywhere, but here are some important resources to check first:

Demographic data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American FactFinder

We now have a guide on How To Search American FactFinder. See it here:


Information about towns in Oregon (including Portland) in the Oregon Rural Explorer

Income data from the Current Population Survey

Consumer Spending data from Consumer Expenditures Surveys (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Quick, basic tables on a wide variety of data of all sorts in Statistical Abstract of the United States.  Published since 1878, "StatAb" is the authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Available from the US government at this site for free (data to 2012); availability of current data is through a subscription database (OSU status required)

StateMaster compares statistics between different states in the US -- for example the annual estimated sales per capita for shopping malls. NationMaster compares statistics between countries.

Economic Census

2002 Economic Census Industry Series Reports Retail Trade

There have been two Economic Censuses held since this was published, but this is the last one where reports were published in this format. If you want to use 2007 or 2012 data, look for the link to American Factfinder where you can search for individual tables.

Annual Reports

All public companies and many private companies produce annual reports to distribute to shareholders, stakeholders, and employees. They are not always easy to find. One method for locating these reports is through Google. Simply type "Annual Report" in quotes followed by the name of your company.  For example:

"Annual Report" and "The Gap"

Association Search

One of the best places to go for information is industry associations. Almost everything and everyone has an association. You can begin your search for associations by visiting Google.  Simply type in a general term for your product, like apparel along with the word association

You can also check in the Encyclopedia of Associations for a comprehensive listing of associations.