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Beaver Basics

Jump start your academic success with mini workshops and consultations for doc, presentation, and spreadsheet tips


Save Slides as a PDF document

1) Open presentation
2) Click “File” tab in upper left most of banner.
- Click “Download As” from the drop down menu
- Click “PDF Document (.pdf)” from the drop down menu
3.Click on your download, rename and save.

Change the dimensions of Slides

1) Open presentation
2) Click on "File"
- Page Setup
3) Click on drop down menu
- Choose from default or custom options
- Click “ok” once you are done making changes.

*hit CTRL + Z or view the history log to undo changes.

Change template in Google Slides

1) Open a "New" Presentation

2)Click “Google Slides”
- Click “From a template”
3) Pick a theme

To change a template:

1) Click “Slide” tab

2) Click “Change Theme” from bottom of menu

3) Click on a theme

Import Slides From One Project Into Another


- “import slides”

2.Search for presentation
- Click on “Select” when done
3.Select the slides you want to add
- Click “Import Slides”

Insert an Audio/Video file in Google Slides

1) Open presentation

2) Click “Insert” tab, fourth from the left most tab

- Click “Video” from drop down, third from the top.

3) Do a search for your video

- Click on the video you want
- Click “Select” to add to your presentation
4) Right click on video
- Choose “Format Options”
- Under “Video Playback” check “autoplay when presenting”

For just the audio and no video:

Under “Size & Position” change width and height to 0.01 to hide video while presenting. Or move the video off the screen.

Use The Master Slide View

1.Open your presentation
2.Click "View" tab, third option from the left most.
3.Click "Master" from drop down menu
4.Select a slide and make changes
5.To exit, Click the "x" in the upper right hand corner of the Master slide.
Create your own layout:

1.Click "Insert" tab, fourth tab from the upper left

2.Make edits by right clicking on slide and selecting, "Rename"
1.Rename layout and click "OK"
4.Exit out of Master and select a slide to apply new layout
5.Right click on slide
1.Click "Apply layout"
2.Click on your layout

Insert An Image:

1.Open presentation
2.Locate “Insert” tab
- Click on “Image”
- Choose an option for uploading the image
3.Use the tool bar or “Format options…” to customize and edit image.

Edit Images

1) Open up your presentation

2) Click on the image you want to edit

3) Click "Format" tab, fifth from the left most in the banner

  - Click "Format Options"

Click on a menu option to expand the menu

Insert A Header/Footer

1) Open your presentation

2) Click "Insert" tab

  - Click "Slide numbers..."

In pop-up

3) Click "On" for slide numbers

4) Click "Apply" to add numbers to all slides

For a custom header/footer

1) Click "Slide" tab

2) click "Edit master"

In master, look for which slide template is being used by your slides

- add textboxes or make changes

- Click the 'x' in the upper right hand corner of the master slide screen

How To Toggle Speaker Notes

1) Open up a presentation

2) Click drop down arrow next to "Present"

  - Click "Presenter View" to have access to speaker notes


  - Click "Present from beginning" to start presentation without speaker notes

  - Can toggle speaker notes on still

Disable/Enable Image Grids and Guides

1) Open a presentation

2) Click "View"

  - Click "Guides"

  - Uncheck "Guides"

How To Add Add-Ons:

1)Open up presentation
2)Click “Add-ons”
3)Click “Get Add-ons…”
4)Search for an add-on

Manage add-ons

1)Click “Add-ons”
2)Click “Manage Add-ons”

Presenting With Speaker Notes

1) Open your presentation

2) Locate speaker notes box, bellow slide.

  - Hover over the speaker notes at the top to expand or reduce the size of the window

Remove/Add speaker notes

  - Click on "View"

  - Check or uncheck "Show speaker notes" to toggle

Present with speaker notes

  - Click on right most, drop down arrow next to "Present"

  - Click "Presenter View"

Add Ons - LucideChart 

1) Open up your presentation

2) Click, "Add-ons"

3) Click “Get add-ons…”

4) Search for lucid charts

5) Click “Sign in with Google”

6) Click “Allow”

7) Close the window and go back to slides

Create a new chart:

  1) In the menu, click the orange “+”

  2) Pick a new diagram to use

  3) Make sure to “Save” your chart!

  4) Go back to slides and click on your diagram

  5) Preview your diagram and click "Insert"

Layer Images & Text

1) Right Click on the image you want to edit

2) Click on “Order”

  - Choose one of the available options:

    “Bring” – send to very top or very back

    “Send” – sends image down or up one layer