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Beaver Basics

Jump start your academic success with mini workshops and consultations for doc, presentation, and spreadsheet tips

Google Sheets

Creating Tables and Charts:

This is really helpful for organizing information or before creating a table into a chart!


1.) Create Title Cell

2.) Label Cells below

3.) Enter your data

4.) Highlight Table > Home Tab > Add Borders

5.) Bold Title


1.) Highlight Table

2.) Home Tab > Insert Chart

3.) Edit and decide what chart works best for your data table

To Export Table or Chart:

This is helpful for adding your own charts into a presentation for projects or a doc for an essay.

1.) Open either a Slide or Doc you plan to use the information in.

2.) Go to Home > Insert

3.) Select "Chart" from Sheets

4.) Import from the worksheet you want 

You can then save, download, or copy and paste into anything you need it to be. 

Printing Sheets:

If you have a sheet or multiple, maybe even all of them (aka workbook!) you need to print, you're in the right place!

-Part of a sheet

1.) Highlight the cells you wish to print

2.) File > Print

3.) Top right drop down arrow

4.) Select "Highlighted cells" and continue with printing

-Entire Sheet or Workbook

1.) Choose the "Print" option

2.) Top right drop down arrow

3.) Select Specific sheet or "workbook"

4.) Continue with printing 


Did you enter your data in wrong again? Okay... rows to columns and columns to rows, transpose data is here for you!

1.) Select and empty cell that can hold the incoming data

2.) Type "=TRANSPOSE()"

3.) You can either type in the name of the cell or the cell value in the ()

                                                           *Separate the cell names or values by :

                                                               or alternating, and ;

4.) Enter


1.) Highlight data

2.) Data Tab > Pivot Table (Open new sheet)

3.) Editing bar, Choose what is columns and rows, or subdivisions

4.) Add Values 

*You can filter for specific data 

Combing Cells:

This is helpful when you are using text or to merge data

1.) Highlight cells you want to combine

2.) Home Tab > Format > Merge Cells > Vertical/Horizontal/All

3.) You can also undo the cells by following the same steps but select "unmerge"

Deleting Blank Cells:

This is helpful if you have a chart but don't know if everything is filled in, it will remove the empty cells for you!

1.) Highlight your list

2.) Click on the "data" tab

3.) Filter

4.)Choose "Sort A-Z"

5.) Empty cells will be at the bottom

6.) Select and delete or fill and remove the filter 

To Remove Duplicate Cells:

Are you throwing a party and need to send out fancy invites? Cool, don't waste your money by sending someone two! Delete those duplicates!

1.) In an empty set of cells type in "=Unique"

2.) It will give you "=UNIQUE("

3.) You can choose between all of the cells or just a few cells within your table.

4.) Highlight areas or type in cell values ex: E3:J7

5.) Close the parenthesis and hit enter

6.) It will then give you only unique values from your column/row


Autofill Cells:

Great for consecutive dates, repeated calculations, repeated colors and more!

1.) Pick two blank cells side by side

2.) Enter text, numbers, dates, formula, etc;

3.) Highlight the two labeled cells

4.) Drag little blue box in the bottom right corner in any direction

5.) You can then add, remove, or continue with sheet


1. ) Know what type of calculation you need

2.) Any Basic formula will be "= (type equation here) > Enter

3.) You can also choose from calculation/formula bar

*You can also put "=" in a separate cell and highlight a series of cell numbers and hit enter

Same change on all sheets:

Did you mess up one tiny little single annoying spelling error on 45 sheets? Don't worry, we've all been there. You can change the same thing on all of the sheets at the same time. Look!

1.) Hold command key (Mac) or Cntrl (Pc)

2.) Select the worksheets you want the change made to

3.) Make the change 

4.) Check and make sure it was applied


*This is helpful for viewing specific data, dates, addresses, etc;

1.) Highlight the needed range of cells

2.) Data Tab > Filter

3.) Options: Top of Range > filter

* You can change the filter or turn it off by clicking the filtered image again

Sort Data:

*This is helpful for alphabetizing and categorizing data

1.) Highlight selected data

2.) Data > Sort Range

3.) Click on "Title" if you have one (It keeps the title from being sorted in with the data)

4.) Choose how you wanted it sorted (A-Z, Z-A) > Sort 



Conditional Formatting:

*Start in column you want formatted

1.) Format Tab > Conditional Formatting

2.) Decide what you want formatted or custom format

3.) "Okay"

To remove format:

1.) Format Tab

2.) Conditional Formatting

3.) Click on the trash can

4.) "Okay"

Freeze Panes:

Do you wanna make an adjustment and look at the previous sheet at the same time? Cool, do it. Like this!

1.) Select column or row

2.) View Tab> Freeze

3.) Select how many columns/rows

To undo:

1.) View>Freeze>No columns, No rows