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Beaver Basics

Jump start your academic success with mini workshops and consultations for doc, presentation, and spreadsheet tips

Helpful Guides

Removing Duplicate Cells

This can be helpful in searching through tables to ensure that you don't have two of anything! Answers, addresses, phone numbers, bills, etc;

1.) Highlight area

2.) Choose "data" tab

3.) Go to "data tools" bar

4.) Select "Remove duplicates"

5.) Choose between all columns or just one, removes both sides

Delete Blank Cells/Rows

Do you have empty cells in your tables? Don't worry! You can get rid of them without ruining your data, just follow these steps! :)

1.) Highlight selected area

2.) Go to "Home" tab

3.) Select "editing" bar

4.) Select "Find & Select"

5.) Select "special"

6.) Fill in "blanks" box

7.) Home > Delete > Delete Sheets Row

Creating Charts/Graph

Need a pie chart? Need a graph? Want to change colors for different data? Cool! You can do ALL of it here! Create a table and move it to a graph with these steps!

1.) Click on area you want created into a graph (Typically table)

2.) Click on "insert tab"

3.) Find Charts bar >Select "Chart"

4.) Click on chart/graph style you want

            *NOTE it can be changed later

5.) You can then adjust labels, colors, titles, etc; by clicking on the green + symbol on the graph

Export Table/Graph

If you need to put your table or graph in a PDF, or even need to print it, this is the place to be!

1.) Click or highlight the information you want exported

2.) Right Click and press copy

3.) open the application in which you want the information in

4.) Drop down menu and paste

5.) Select "Special paste"

6.) Choose the jpg picture option

7.) You can now save the graph/chart as a photo or download and export easily from there

Transpose Data:

Don't be scared, it's just a fancy term for rotate! You can rearrange your data from columns to rows or rows to columns.

1.) Select Table

2.) Copy Table

3.) Click arrow below paste

4.) Paste special

5.) "Values and Numbers Format"

6.) Select "none" under operations

7.) Choose "transpose" and click "ok"

Pivot Table:

Summarize your information here with a Pivot Table!

1.) Highlight wanted cells

2.) Insert Tab > Pivot table

3.) Choose data by verifying table range

4.) Then, Choose new worksheet, this will make sure it doesn't mess up any other worksheet.

5.) That's it! Now click "ok" and you will be set to make any further adjustments you need

To print sheet(s):

Do you have  an Excel page you need to print? Cool! That's called a worksheet. Do you need to print more than one? Even better! Need all of them printed? DO IT! That's called a worksheet. 

-One or more worksheets

1.) Select the worksheet you want to print

                  One sheet: 1.) Click on the sheet at the bottom of the page

                  Adjacent: 1.) Click on the first sheet, hold down the "shift"' key and click on the final sheet you want printed

                  Nonadjacent 1.) Click on the first sheet and hold "Ctrl" while you click on all nonadjacent sheets you want to print

                  All 1.) Right click a sheet tab and choose "Select all sheets"

2.) File > Print or Ctrl+P

3.) Choose landscape and make any further adjustments

4.) Print


Do you want to do some math for class or budget your finances? You can find out how to do that here!

1.) Select a cell and put =

2.) Type formula abbreviation and enter parenthesis 

3.) In the parenthesis, highlight cells with values you want computed

4.) Enter


1.) Type an = sign in an empty cell and add parenthesis

2.) In the parenthesis, add the numbers you need computed with the sign in between the values (=,-,/)

                          *NOTE* This only works for equations using the same sign

3.) End the parenthesis and hit Enter

This application works the same for all pre-built formulas but the format within () may be different

Auto fill Cells:

Auto fill cells is extremely helpful for dates, number series, and color fill markers among other things! Have fun playing around with it and see what all you can use it for!

1.) Start in the first cell you want to carry one

2.) Type a numerical series, word, date, color fill, etc;

3.) Highlight selected cell(s)

4.) Click on the bottom right corner and drag down or across

For dates:

Today's: Ctrl+; at the same time

If you want numerical values you have to do at least three values for it to recognize the pattern (ex:1,2,3 in their own cells)

Conditional Formatting:

1.) Highlight selected area

2.) Home tab > Conditional formatting bar

3.) Highlight cell rules

4.) Enter your values and selected color fill

5.) "okay"

Filtering Data:

*This is helpful for viewing specific data, dates, addresses, etc;

1.) Select the area you want to be filtered

2.) Go to the "Data" tab

3.) Select "Filter"

4.) Choose between "text" and "numbers"

5.) Select side arrow and choose a comparison ex: between

6.) Enter your chosen criteria and press "ok"

You can also filter through a data table

1.) Select Columns or Row in a table to filter

2.) Select the topics you want to include

3.) Select "ok"

You can change the filter or remove it completely by pressing the "filter" again on the data tab.

Sort Data:

*This is helpful for alphabetizing and categorizing data

1.) Highlight cells you want to sort

2.) Data tab > Sort & Filter

3.) Sort A>z, Z>A

Freeze Panes:

Do you wanna make an adjustment and look at the previous sheet at the same time? Cool, do it. Like this!

1.) Click on the row under column headers

2.) View Tab

3.) Freeze Panes button

You can undo this by going through the same process.

Same change on multiple sheets:

*Check the hyperlink in the title to view specifics on how to group if this is unclear*

1.) Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on sheets you want to add the change to

                            *you can click on "select all worksheets" to make a workbook

2.) This will create a group

                            *To undo the groups , re-click the title of the worksheet at the bottom of the page

3.) Make the change to necessary cells

4.) Double check that the change has been made to all sheets