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OSULP Off-Site Storage Project

Collection Maintenance Process

To ensure that the Oregon State University Libraries and Press (OSULP) collections remain relevant and useful for researchers, teachers, and learners at Oregon State, OSULP routinely reviews the content included in these collections and the access we provide.  In this last summer of 2019, OSULP started an in-depth review of the print journals at Valley and Guin Libraries in order to identify physical volumes for removal.

This review and subsequent removal of physical volumes will allow OSULP to utilize space more effectively.  It will help to ensure there is shelf space for new physical content being purchased, and that the existing collections are easier to browse. Curating and streamlining these collections will make relevant resources easier to find and retrieve, and will also provide an opportunity to create robust and interactive learning spaces to support the use of these collections, collaborative learning, and independent inquiry.

As faculty librarians, we know the power of the printed word and respect that our print journals help support academic research and can be catalysts for change.  OSULP will be diligent about protecting your access to the content in these journals when making our decisions.  For several years, we have been providing our users with digital access to this content through our popular Scan and Deliver service, and many of you rely heavily on this service. Combined with the access provided by our electronic subscriptions, this service means that for many of you, access to the content you need will remain seamless.  We also maintain a number of productive, collaborative relationships with partner libraries in order to provide Oregon State with an extremely efficient and streamlined Interlibrary Loan service (ILL). When access cannot be guaranteed through these services and subscriptions, we anticipate that print journals will remain in the library, or be removed to an off-site storage location.

To address the concern of preserving the scholarly record, OSULP is a member of the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST).  WEST members archive print journal collections and then make access available via Interlibrary Loan.  OSULP is a small archive holder of a select number of print journal titles, and we will be working with other member institutions to use any deselected print volumes to help fill archival gaps.  All other volumes identified for permanent removal from the collection will be recycled through OSU Campus Recycling.  We will not be able to offer the print journals to the public due to the rules and regulations regarding state property.

Print journal physical volumes will either stay in the library, be moved to off-site storage, or be permanently removed from the collection.  The criteria used to determine the final location of the title will be 

•             Usage statistics from check-out, in-library usage, ILL and Scan & Deliver

•             Electronic access to the same date ranges held in print

•             ILL access through WEST (and other membership) holdings

•             Titles that OSULP has not committed to keeping as part of WEST or the Orbis Cascade Alliance memberships

•             Title review by faculty librarians

•             1-week open review period for library patrons 

If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact Kerri Goergen-Doll via email at