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Guide to Women's Words, Women's Work: Spaces of community, change, tradition, and resistance at Oregon State University

Exhibited Collections

Images were cited in the exhibit in the following order:

Image 1. Eva Seen portrait, undated. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC3223.

Image 2. Female students gathered in the living room of Snell Hall, circa 1925. Buildings Photographic Collection, 1880-2002; P016:0995.

Image 3. Women's Building and Fairbanks Hall. Buildings Photographic Collection, 1880-2002; P016:103.

Image 4. Female students and children at "Practice House" (Withycombe House), c 1920. Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980; P025:1590.

Image 5. Co-ed Cottage mothers during Mother's Weekend, 1957. Co-ed Cottage was an OSU women's cooperative house from 1956 to 1984. Coed Cottage Records, 1956-1984; MSS Coed Cottage Fountain 1957.

Image 6. Checking the mail at Snell Hall, 1969. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005; P003:2134.

Image  7. Women’s Co-op Building, 1936. Buildings Photographic Collection, 1880-2002; P016:0616.

Image 8. A female OAC student in her dorm room, circa 1922. Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980; P025:1587.

Image 9. Picture of the kitchen in Snell Hall (women’s residence hall built in 1921), circa 1925. Buildings Photographic Collection, 1880-2002; P016:0993.

Image 10. Waldo Hall, Girls’ Dormitory, 1912. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0036.

The following textual item was also displayed:

Item 1. Alpha Hall pamphlet. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 25.3.

Additional Resources

Buildings Photographic Collection, 1880-2002

  1. Women’s Co-op Building, 1936 (P016:0616)

Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996

  1. Students on sidewalk between the Women’s Gymnasium and Science Hall, circa 1900 (PHC:0040)

News and Communication Services Photograph Collection, 1962-1999

  1. Students sunbathing on the roof of Snell Hall, circa 1962 (P057:1152)  

Class Sessions Photograph Collection, 1903-1961

  1. Women sitting on the front porch and steps of Alpha Hall, circa 1907 (P047:0018)