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Guide to Women's Words, Women's Work: Spaces of community, change, tradition, and resistance at Oregon State University

Exhibited Collections

Images were cited in the exhibit in the following order:

Image 1. Dean of Women Anna Zoe Crayne reading aloud in the Waldo Hall parlor, 1911. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0156.

Image 2. Karen Carsini of OSU’s Outdoor Program tunes up skis, 1978. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005P003:1978Beaver.

Image 3. Cinco de Mayo women dancers, 1997. University Publications Photographs, 1890-2002; P 094.

Image 4. Women in Indian tribal regalia at the Native American Club’s first Powwow, 1977. News and Communication Services Photograph Collection, 1962-1999; P057:5448.

Image 5. Working at the Black Student Union, 1970. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005; P003:3274.

Image 6. Pierian and Jeffersonian Literary Societies end-of-year picnic, May 30, 1910. Alva Aitken Photograph Collection, 1908-1914; P116:12.

Image 7. Mabel Mack, home demonstration agent in Jackson County, demonstrating clothing care for a group of farm women, 1925. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0975.

Image 8. International students with Ava Milam at Westminster House, 1950. Gwil Evans Photographic Collection, 1930-1968; P082:0036:0249.

Image 9. OAC Cosmopolitan Club, circa 1918. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0845.

Image 10. OSAC administrators, circa 1930. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0209.

Image 11. Sorority Rush, 1960. Alumni Relations Photographs, 1870-2003; P017:2514.

Image 12. Participants in a body painting event, 1969. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005; P003:2841.

Image 13. Passing through the MU Quad on a snowy day, 1969. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005; P003:1683.

Image 14. Talons and Thanes, 1969. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005; P003:Talons.

Image 15. Group walking to Tug-of-War, 1923/24. Joe O. Mattson Photograph Collection, 1923-1924; P145:35.

Image 16. Black Cultural Center opening, 1975. News and Communication Services Photograph Collection, 1962-1999; P057:5270.

Image 17. Tuesday reading club, undated. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC1643.

Image 18. American Can Company demonstration at 4-H Summer School, 1952. Gwil Evans Photographic Collection, 1930-1968; P082:02-1493.

Image 19. Margaret Carter, 2002. Oregon Stater, Vol. 88, No. 1.

The following textual items were also displayed:

Item 1. Various Handbooks (1925-1963), "Clothes for the College Girl," 1921. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 166.1.

Item 2. "Charming: Eight Programs from the AWS Half Hour in Good Taste, Broadcast over KOAC, circa 1935. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 166.1.

Item 3. Pride Center flyer and button. Pride Center Records, 1973-2013.

Item 4. Meeting Minutes, 1885. Adelphian Literary Society Records, 1882-1891; Box 01.

Item 5. "End Rape Culture," The Scab Sheet, Vol. 3, 2018. Oregon Multicultural Communities Research Collection, 1873-2017.

Item 6. The Oregon Stater, April 2003.

Item 7. Miss Black OSU, Annie Faye Lewis; The Beaver, 1971, pg. 75. Oregon State University Yearbooks.

Item 8. Hayden Bridge Unit Scrapbook. Extension Service Records, 1903-2011; Acc. 2010:066, Box 14.

Item 9. Extension pamphlets for the Homemakers' Festival, and the Annual Conference. Janet Taylor Papers, 1942-1954; Box-folder 1.1.

Item 10. Rose J. Wilson, President of the Corvallis Women's Club, circa 1916. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 51.8.

Item 11. Faculty Women's Club. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 66.07.

Item 12. President's Commission on the Status of Women brochures. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 132.12.

Item 13. Faculty Women's Network pamphlet. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 66.08.

Item 14. "The Birth of the Women's Center," by Jeanne Dost, 1991. Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present; Box-folder 57.20.

Additional Resources

Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996 (P HC)

  1. College Folk Club (HC1205)
  2. Cadet band member Eileen Morency Eason, 1932 (HC2958)
  3. A "goofy golf" course set up by the OSC Folk Club, 1930 (HC1205)
  4. Participants in the second annual Mother’s Weekend, 1925 (HC1039)
  5. OSC students performing in a dramatic production, 1940 (HC0526)

Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980 (P 025)

  1. Female students and members of the Utopian Literary Society at Oregon Agricultural College, 1905 (P025:1572)
  2. Women with the “Wickermobile” 1917 (P025:2964)

Alumni Relations Photographs, 1870-2003 (P 017)

  1. Sorority Rush, 1960 (P017:2520)
  2. “We Love Women,” 1957 (P017:2829)

Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005 (P 003)

  1. Students gathered on the Memorial Union steps for an anti-war demonstration, 1969 (P003:3168)
  2. Participants in a body painting event, 1969 (P003:2843)

Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection, 1912-1997 (P 120)

  1. “Mary Anne Crocker measures the hem of a skirt for a young homemaker on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation,” 1958 (P120:04069)
  2. Joan Yasui at the Oregon State Fair, 1959 (P120:4079)
  3. Florence L. Hall, chief, Women's Land Army, 1944(P120:2765)

Minority Education Office Records, 1998-2005 (RG 229)

  1. MEChA conference staff at Arnold Center, 2004 (RG229)  

Library Photograph Collection, 1915-2002 (P 083)

  1. April Waddy speaking at the Valley Library groundbreaking ceremony, 1996 (P083:Acc2007:089)

Walter R. Baker Photographs, circa 1863 - circa 1930 (P 018)

  1. Women in front of Alpha Hall, 1905 (P018:0024)

Extension Service Photographs, 1900-2007 (P 062)

  1. Community leaders in Clatsop County work with dress forms, 1923 (P062:630)

Oregon State University Military Photographs Collection, 1875-1975 (P 002)

  1. Cadets and women under tree, circa 1885 (002:700)

James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection, 1909-1915 (P 191)

  1. Five women conversing over tea, circa 1910 (P191:253)

C.A. Vincent Photographs, 1908-1912 (P 109)

  1. Junior Flunk Day: Women wearing hats, 1909. (P109:08)

Margaret Cartwright Weatherford Collection, 1926-1928 (MSS Weatherford)

  1. Image of the Women’s Stunt Show, 1926 (mss-weatherford

Oregon State Horticulture Society Photographs, 1921-1966 (P 054) 

  1. Two members of the Oregon State Horticultural Society, circa 1960 (p054-women-harvest

Media Services Photographs Collection, 1948-2003 (P 119)

  1. Katharine Jefferts Schori, 1990 (P119:acc96:054

Harriet Moore Photograph Collection, 1890-1962 (P 150) 

  1. Katherine Seay, Y.W.C.A. Secretary, circa 1924 (P150:10

Gwil Evans Photographic Collection, 1930-1968 (P 082)

  1. Alta Mortensen Hunter reading to a group of children, 1952 (P082:0070:1347