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Guide to Women's Words, Women's Work: Spaces of community, change, tradition, and resistance at Oregon State University

Exhibited Collections

Images were cited in the exhibit in the following order:

Image 1. Sculpture of Alice Biddle - a member of OAC's first graduating class in 1870 - located on the southwest corner of Strand Agricultural Hall, 2000. Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1938-2005; P 003 Acc2005:064.

Image 2. Female students in a Drawing class, circa 1900. Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980; P025:1319.

Image 3. Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory, located in the Science Building (now Furman Hall), circa 1914. Sydney Trask Photograph Collection, 1871-1932; P096:148.

Image 4. Women students gardening on campus, 1910. Horticulture Department Photographs, 1900-1980; P090:182.

Image 5. Female students in an auto mechanics class, 1918. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0491.

Image 6. Ruth Nomura (third from right) on Commencement day, 1930. Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980; P025:0596.

Image 7. OAC Home Economics students fitting dresses in a Sewing class, likely set on the first floor of Waldo Hall, circa 1910. Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980; P025:1301.

Image 8. Women working with rodents, circa 1945. College of Home Economics Photograph Collection, 1925-1998; P 044.

Image 9. Graduation portrait of Chuang Kwai Lui of Hong Kong, the first woman to receive a PhD at Oregon State, earning a doctorate in physics in 1941. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC2580.

Image 10. Nutrition Research Laboratory, 1950. College of Home Economics Photograph Collection, 1925-1998; P044:021.

Image 11. Students working in the Secretarial Science lab, 1951. Gwil Evans Photographic Collection, 1930-1968; P082:008:1202.

Image 12. Nettie Spencer, 1882 Class of Corvallis College; circa 1895. Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996; HC0718.

The following textual items were also displayed:

Item 1. Clark, Ava Milam and James Kenneth Munford. Adventures of a Home Economist. Corvallis, OSU Press, 1969.

Item 2. Meeting Minutes Book, 1895. Board of Regents Records, 1886-1929; Box 06.

Additional Resources

Gwil Evans Photographic Collection, 1930-1968 (P 082)

  • Student Kay Gunther and an unidentified faculty member posing with a taxidermied duck, 1956. "Taken to illustrate women in school of fish and game." (P082:02-2155)
  • Students in a copyediting laboratory taught by Adelaide Lake, 1950 (P82-73:722)
  • Food Technology taste testing, 1953 (P082:02-1429)
  • Gertrude Tank with children at a dental office, 1955 (P082:0070:1954
  • Joan Patterson at a flax fabric seminar, 1950 (P082:0070:0371)
  • An unidentified OSC student engaged in a canning exercise, 1950s (P082:03-1534)
  • OSC Agriculture students in a laboratory, 1957 (P082:02-2160)

Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996 (P HC)

  • Women journalism students, 1938 (HC1182)
  • Civilian pilot training at OSC, circa 1939 (HC 0968)
  • Mrs. Howard Burleson with students in her civilian pilot training course at the Albany Airfield, 1939 (HC0968)
  • Engineering students, 1949 (HC0899)
  • Gladys Chambers portrait, 1950 (HC3159)
  • Zelta Feike Rodenwold, director of women's programs at KOAC radio, doing a broadcast, 1930 (HC0378)
  • Women students, 1898 (HC0905)

Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1998-2005 (P 003)

News and Communication Services Photograph Collection, 1962-1999 (P 057)

  • Dr. Theodore Yerian visiting with two women (P057:00249)
  • Jo-Ann Leong with a student in the laboratory, 1993 (P057:2006:046)
  • Harriet Moore with class gift, 1966 (P057:03520)

President's Office Photographs, 1923-1998 (P 092)

  • Mercedes Bates with President Robert MacVicar, 1973 (P092:1179)      
  • Florence Felde (P092:829)   
  • Azalea Sager, 1947 (P092:0521)

Mary Louise Armstrong Collection, 1936-1946 (MSS Armstrong) 

Class Sessions Photograph Collection, 1903-1961 (P 047)

  • Outdoor camp cookery class for women, circa 1918 (P047:0013)

College of Home Economics Photograph Collection, 1925-1998 (P 044)

Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980 (P 025)

  • Students in an OAC Chemistry class posing outside of the Station Building, c 1892 (P025:0003)

Women's Athletics Photograph Collection, 1899-1958 (P 009)

  • Physical education dance group outside on the lawn, circa 1930 (P009:40)

Sydney Trask Photograph Collection, 1871-1932 (P 096)

Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection, 1912-1997 (P 120)

Media Services Photographs Collection, 1948-2003 (P 119)

Oregon State University Extension Service Faculty and Staff Oral History Collection, 2007-2009 (OH 14)

Media Services Photographs Collection, 1948-2003 (P 119)

Harriet Moore Photograph Collection, 1890-1962 (P 150)

  • Edna Agnes Cocks, circa 1915 (P150:09)