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GRAD 571/572: Translating Research to Innovation

Lens of the Market Stage 1: Useful Library resources to aid in research

Value Proposition

Create Your Value Proposition:

"Our team offers Display manufacturers globally a TCO layer with superior optical and electrical performance at a lower price, with easy integration into existing manufacturing processes. Our material has high conductivity, high transmission, and low environmental impact. " 


We can see two potential questions we need to answer:

Q1  How well do competitive offerings meet 
the market requirements for the TCO layer for the global display market

Q2 What is the opportunity for new competitive offerings to enter the 
market in the TCO layer for the global display market?

Suggested Approaches

FIRST, What do you already know?

  • The name of a competing product? A company (or two) that sells or produces that product? The name of the industry?
  • What are the differentiators? Consider performance specs, price, compatibility with existing processes, etc.
    • Be sure to write these down on your list of what to search for.

NEXT, Break down your questions into searchable elements

Question 1: The Market

  • What products similar to yours are out on the market already?
  • What is the market demanding of these products (ie, price, conductivity and other tech specs, etc.)
  • Who is producing them?
  • What is the market like? (you may wish to look for SWOT reports on the industry or a company)

Question 2: Opportunities

  • How is my product better than the competition?
  • Are the competing companies: 
    • Big or small?
    • What is their profit margin?
    • What marketing strategies are they using?