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This guide provides an overview of Mendeley along with training options, support and access information for Mendeley.

Creating Your Mendeley Profile

Log into Mendeley to create your profile. This can allow you to network with other people in or out of your field.

screenshot of what a mendeley user profile looks like

Mendeley Web Library

Mendeley's web library has a similar structure to the desktop library. You can access Mendeley's web library by going through your account or clicking "View Library" from the Mendeley icon in your browser.

Mendeley Suggest

Mendeley Institutional Edition users can use "Mendeley Suggest" which suggests new papers based on your library.  

Try it by clicking "Mendeley Suggest" which is located on the top panel below "Literature Search".

You can also find additional articles by selecting two or more related articles in your library. Select the "Related" button at the top toolbar or right click and select "Related".

screenshot of Mendeley's suggestion feature

Mendeley Groups

There are three types of groups in Mendeley: private, invite-only, and open. Select whichever is most appropriate. Learn more about group collaboration on Mendeley or check out a more detailed guide for the different types of groups.