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This guide provides an overview of Mendeley along with training options, support and access information for Mendeley.

Mendeley Groups

There are three types of groups in Mendeley: private, invite-only, and open. Select whichever is most appropriate. Learn more about group collaboration on Mendeley or check out a more detailed guide for the different types of groups.

Public Groups

Join one of over 100,000 public groups to discuss the latest research in your field, stir debate, add content and promote your own work. Or even create your own public group.

To search for public groups on Mendeley: Login to Mendeley Web then click the groups tab and enter a topic of interest into the search bar to find groups related to that topic.

          screenshot of mendeley groups

Collaborate within Private Groups

Network With Others on Mendeley

Follow leading researchers. Identify collaboration partners with Mendeley. Search the people directory. Learn more about how to use Mendeley for professional networking here.