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BA 407H /507H Managing Technical Innovation

Library and other resources to assist with assignments.

Demographic Data

American Fact Finder 

US Cencus Bureau Fact Finder

The U.S. Census Bureau is the primary resource for U.S. demographic data (United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas), and the primary tool for accessing it is American FactFinder. It is fairly easy to use, and convenient since it includes data from several censuses and surveys including:

  • The American Community Survey
  • The American Housing Survey
  • three Annual Economic Surveys
    • Annual Survey of Manufactures  
    • Business Patterns  
    • Nonemployer Statistics  
  • The Decennial Census (every 10 years) (age, sex, race, housing units and more)
  • The Economic Census (every 5 years)
  • The Population Estimates Program

Other data and resources

Small Business Statistics. Finding data on small businesses is challenging. You can find some Census statistics about them in a variety of government surveys. Links to these various sources can be found on this Census Bureau page:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

From the U.S. Department of Labor. This is a rich source of information on industries, employment, pay and benefits, prices and inflation, and more. This is where the Consumer Price Index and the Occupational Outlook Handbook are located.

Business Location Services

Census Training

Census Training opportunities

The Census Bureau offers both web-based and in-person courses to help you access and use Census Bureau statistics. These free courses can teach you how to use our databases and mapping tools, find local and national demographic information for a variety of uses including grant proposals, economic data statistics for business plans, research papers, etc. Check out our eTutorials and course descriptions.

In December 2012, the Census Bureau presented a webinar series of presentations and exercises on "Accessing Census Bureau Statistics." You can find links to these here:

Economic Census Training

This is a slideshow, originally presented by the Census Bureau on December 11, 2012, that goes over the Economic Census and a few other programs. Exercises are included. It is a useful entry into using Economic Census data including NAICS.