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Bioenergy Research Project: Looking For Sources

Start Broadly - 1Search

Find books, online scholarly articles or newspaper articles that OSU subscribes to.  If you need to find specific items, such as books by a particular author, use the advanced search option for more precise searching. Access 1Search from the library's home page.


Research News

These sites aggregate press releases about recent research discoveries.  You can browse them by topic or search.  They are a good place to start because they are written for a general, educated audience.  They also include a full citation to the original research study, so you can find that too.

Science Daily -- features short, easy-to-read news articles about interesting research. The content here is mostly from science disciplines, including health, psychology, biology, geosciences, oceanography, archaelogy, physics, astronomy, chemistry and more.

Eurekalert -- this site features short, easy to read press releases about interesting research from a variety of disciplines, including technology, business, psychology, education, agriculture and many more.

Advanced Resources

1Search is a good place to start, and may provide you with everything you need for this project.  But you may also want to explore some subject-specific databases to see what they have to offer.  You might divide some of these sources between the people in your group. Here are a few places to start:


Government Information

A lot of the best research on sustainability, energy and natural resources topics is conducted by experts working with government agencies.  Here are some places to start: