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ACRL Statistics Instructions: Expenditures From External Sources (12)

OSULP Instructions: From External Sources (Q12)

Traditionally OSULP has not reported this number. So please report UA (Unavailable) for this.

(Note: There was some discussion regarding looking at statewide database access provided through the State Library and dividing that figure out OSU FTE. An approach like this might be considered in the future).

ACRL Instructions: From External Sources

Question 12. Consortia/Networks/Bibliographic Utilities Expenditures from External Sources. If the library receives access to computer files, electronic serials or search services through one or more centrally-funded system or consortial arrangements for which it does not pay fully and/or directly (for example, funding is provided by the state on behalf of all members), enter the amount paid by external bodies on its behalf. If the specific dollar amount is not known, but the total student FTE for the consortium and amount spent for the academic members are known, divide the overall amount spent by the institution’s share of the total student FTE.