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ACRL Statistics Instructions: Total Library Expenditures (5 & 6)

OSULP Instructions: Total Expenditures

Contact the accounting representative (Shane Melton). for these figures.

Question 5: Are figures reported in Canadian dollars?  - Answer NO.

Question 6: Total Library Expenditures (7+8+9) -- 
These figures can get messy -- the simplest and cleanest approach is to use the figures provided by the OSU accounting office. The Total Library Materials(Q7) plus Total Salaries and Wages(Q8) plus Other Expenditures(Q9) should equal Total Library Expenditures (Q6). This figure should also be the same total given by the accounting office. 

  FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13
6-Total Library Expenditures $9,382,186 $8,920,198 $9,296,460 $9,995,687 $9,699,393
7-Total Library Materials $6,251,652 $5,532,810 $5,548,691 $6,218,797 $5,217,266
7a-One Time Resource purchases          
7b-Ongoing resource purchases          
7c-Collection Support          
8-Total Salaries & Wages $3,130,534 $3,387,388 $3,747,769 $3,776,890 $4,482,127
8a-Salaries & Wages Professional Staff $1,539,043 $1,628,119 $1,835,825 $1,745,254 $2,364,570
8b-Salaries & Wages Support Staff $1,386,477 $1,517,684 $1,615,334 $1,694,533 $1,732,653
8c-Salaries & Wages Student Assistants $205,014 $241,585 $296,610 $337,103 $384,904
9-Other Operating Expenditures          

ACRL Instructions: Total Expenditures (Q5 and Q6)

Questions 6-12. Expenditures. Report all expenditures of funds that come to the library from the regular institutional budget, and from sources such as research grants, special projects, gifts and endowments, and fees for service. (For Salaries and wages include non-library funds; see specific instructions below). Do not report encumbrances of funds that have not yet been expended. Canadian libraries should report expenditures in Canadian dollars. (For your information, if interested in determining figures in U.S. dollars, divide Canadian dollar amounts by 1.0046, the average monthly noon exchange rate published in the Bank of Canada Review for the period July 2012-June 2013). Please round figures to the nearest dollar.