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ACRL Statistics Instructions: Use of Electronic Resources (18-20)

OSULP Instructions: Electronic Resources (Q18-19)

To get the numbers for these questions contact the Collections Assessment Librarian (Laurel) and she can provide the numbers.

Question 18: Number of Successful Article Requests

Question 19: Number of Regular Searches (databases)

The OSULP has traditionally reported Question 20: Number of Federated Searches (databases), so mark this information as U/A (Unavailable).

# of full-text article requests # of regular searches (databases)
FY2009 1,149,442 1,573,709
FY2010 1,556,096 2,669,244
FY2011 1,165,472 2,832,389
FY2012 1,490,852 2,997,724
FY2013 2,039,697 2,545,933

ACRL Instructions: Electronic Resouces (Q18-20)


Questions 18-20. Use of Electronic Resources. Items reported should follow definitions as defined in the 

COUNTER Code of Practice ( In a footnote, please include the types of resources for which you are reporting data. It is recommend that ONLY data that follow the COUNTER definitions be reported. Any exceptions should be documented in a footnote.