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ACRL Statistics Instructions: Instruction (14-15)

OSULP Instructions: Presentations to Groups (Q14) and Participants in Group Presentations (Q15)

The source for this data is the instruction and feedback forms page:

Note: One on One consultations/instruction is considered a reference question per ACRL.

Library Admin maintains a spreadsheet of instruction and reference statistics complied by the administrative assistant that is located on the Shared Drive. However it is best to pull statistics directly from the instruction databases in order to accomodate late additions that are not reflected in the monthly spreadsheet totals.

ACRL Instructions: Presentations to Groups (Q14) and Participants in Group Presentations (Q15)

Questions 14-15. Instruction. Sampling based on a typical week may be used to extrapolate TO A FULL YEAR. Please indicate if responses are based on sampling. 

Report figures for the following: 

Question 14. Presentations to Groups. Report the total number of sessions during the year of presentations made as part of formal bibliographic instruction programs and through other planned class presentations, orientation sessions, and tours. If the library sponsors multi-session or credit courses that meet several times over the course of a semester, each session should be counted. Presentations to groups may be for either bibliographic instruction, cultural, recreational, or educational purposes. Presentations both on and off the premi ses should be included as long as they are sponsored by the library. Do not include meetings sponsored by other groups using library meeting rooms. Do not include training for library staff; the purpose of this question is to capture information about the services the library provides for its clientele. Please indicate if the figure is based on sampling. 

Question 15. Participants in Group Presentations. Report the total number of attendees in all group presentations (as defined in Presentations to Groups, above). For multi-session classes with a constant enrollment, count each person only once. Please indicate if the figure is based on sampling. Use a footnote to describe any special situations. 

NOTE: Personal, one-to-one instruction in the use of sources should be counted as reference transactions as described in the next section.