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ACRL Statistics Instructions: Enrollment- Fall (26-29)

OSULP Instructions: Enrollment - Fall

There are two potential sources for this data. The best to use is the IPEDS datacenter as this is what the ACRL instructions suggest aligning the figures towards. The other option is to use the OSU Institutional Research Office enrollment reports.

1. IPEDS datacenter 

2. OSU Enrollment reports

Be sure to pay attention to headcounts vs. FTE when looking at these numbers. Also remember that you are reporting enrollment figures for Fall.

The Full-Time Students (undergraduate/graduate) reported to ACRL plus the Part-Time Students (undergraduate/graduate) reported to ACRL should equal the All Students figure reported to IPEDS.

  Full-time students (undergraduate & graduate) Part-time students (undergraduate & graduate) Full-time graduate students Part-time Graduate Students
Fall 2012 21,084 5,279 3,290 1,265
Fall 2011 20,204 4,758 3,093 1,249
Fall 2010 19,356 4,397 2,973 1,223
Fall 2009 17,858 4,092 2,645 1,238
Fall 2008 16,546 3,759 2,525 1,107

ACRL Instructions: Enrollment (Q26-29)

Questions 26-29. Enrollment. U.S. libraries should use the Fall 2012 enrollment figures reported to the Department of Education on the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System survey. Please check these figures against the enrollment figures reported to ACRL last year to ensure consistency and accuracy. NOTE: In the past, the number of part-time students reported was FTE; the number now reported to IPEDS is a head count of part-time students. Canadian libraries should note that the category “graduate students” as reported here includes all post-baccalaureate students.