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ACRL Statistics Instructions: Circulation (17)

OSULP Instructions: Initial Circulation Transactions

CRSD maintains a statistics spreadsheet that contains the information needed to answer this question. The spreadsheet is available here. Be sure to not include renewals and not include reserves. The previous five years have reported only Valley circulation totals.

Formula using CRSD spreadsheet is comprised of three items:

Valley Circulation (not Total Circulation as that would include renewals)  +  Self Check Items subtracting out Course Reserves.

(Note: Self Check Items are included but not Self Check Patrons as patrons are people not resources.)


Year Circulation - Valley Self Check Items Course Reserves ACRL Initial Circulation Transactions
FY13 208222 13677 58565 163334
FY12 208310 14447 53483 169274
FY11 205445 12327 48080 169692
FY10 200180 0 40866 159314
FY09 201162 0 38169 162993


ACRL Instructions: Initial Circulation Transactions (Q17)

Question 17. Initial circulations (excluding reserves). Count the number of initial circulations during the fiscal year from the general collection for use usually (although not always) outside the library. Do not count renewals. Include circulations to and from remote storage facilities for library users (i.e., do not include transactions reflecting transfers or stages of technical processing). Count the total number of items lent, not the number of borrowers.