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AHE 582: Legal Issues

Guide to searching in LexisNexis Academic and other law resources, for Community College Leadership (CCL) doctoral students.

About LexisNexis Academic

OSU Students have access to LexisNexis Academic for searching out federal and state case law, regulations, and administrative rules. You must access this database through the OSU Libraries databases list, or by links provided in this guide, since this is a subscription-based database.


LNA has not just law, but news (including international news, wire services, newspapers, transcripts of radio & tv news, and more) and information about companies, and a section to search People, Places and Things.

EVERYTHING in the database is full-text (no searching other sources because you only got a citation) but there are NO illustrations.

Quick Search Box

The Quick Search Box is located at the bottom of the search screen. It is a drop-down box and only searches for case law (not statutes or administrative rules).

Search By Content Type Option

Another approach (which accesses other legal resources in addition to case law) is the SEARCH BY CONTENT TYPE box at the top of the page.

Some of the things searchable from here include:

Legal Reference:  dictionaries & encyclopedias       look up terms you don’t understand

Law Reviews: the “journal literature” of law, like HARVARD LAW REVIEW and WILLAMETTE LAW REVIEW, where you can find discussion of the meaning/implications of a law or case, and help find specific laws or cases that discuss your topic

Shepard’s Citations: provides a list of all the authorities citing a particular case, statute, or other legal authority. "Shepardize" to see if a case has been overturned, reaffirmed, questioned, or cited by later cases.