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ENG 106: Introduction to Literature: Poetry

Get Creative!

Sure, you can write a paper but why not make it more interesting? Annotate your project with Images, source recordings, letters and documents, videos and graphics. Here are some tools you can use and some sources to help you find that extra information that will add some pizazz to your project. 

Cool Tools

You can sue the following tools to create part of your project. If youa re gatering materials from the internet, make sure you document (cite) your sources. For educational purposes, you can generally use this content but be careful about publishing it to the web. Content on the web is copyrighted and you can't just use it on your own website without asking permission and citing the source.

Online Archives

Online archives are treasure troves of primary source material such as letters, direaies, photographs, audio recordings, etc. These are great sources that can help you get  a personal, first-hand sense of what the poet might have experienced.

All of these sources are available for you to use (it's best is you link to them rather than copy them) but don't forget to cite your source!