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5th and 6th level: INTO OSU Academic Reading and Writing

Research guide for INTO IEPA 050/060


This guide will help you complete your IEPA 050/060 research-based assignments. The left column has information to help with a specific part of your research: Find Sources, Refine Search, Evaluate Sources, Cite Sources, Get Help with Research, Library Vocabulary and Translations.

Understanding Keywords

Using keywords effectively is an important step in learning how to find articles. Several tips for deciding which keywords to use are:

  • Focus on the main ideas in your research question.
    • For example in the research question, "What are the benefits of using electric cars as opposed to gas-powered cars?", the main ideas are electric cars and gas-powered cars.
    • If there are two main ideas, it's often best to search for those two ideas separately.
  • Use vocabulary that is appropriate for the type of article you are looking for—newspapers use more general vocabulary, but scholarly articles use more academic terms.
  • The most successful searchers try several different searches. As you read the articles in the results, keep track of new search terms to try, and then repeat your searches with these new ideas. In this example, you might add in the terms economic, environmental, or manufacturing.

Here is an example of the first search for electric cars. Notice that I limited my search on the right to just peer-reviewed articles:


Find Sources with 1Search

You can start your research by using the 1Search box located one the homepage of the OSU Libraries website ( 

1 search screenshot





What is 1Search?

1Search combines the OSU Libraries 'library catalog," Summit, and many of our online databases into one search engine. 1Search is a good starting point for your research. 

1Search helps you locate:

  • Books owned by OSU Libraries and other libraries
  • Print and Full-text online journals, magazines and newspapers