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WR 383: Food Writing

Resources for Food Writing

Food Encyclopedias

These are handy starting points for some background information.

LC Classification

Books about food will be in different places in the library. It depends on the emphasis of the book (industry, culture, history, cooking, etc.).

  • GN 407-442 = Material culture including food
  • GT2853-3000 = Food culture/Anthropology
  • S = Agriculture
  • SF = Animal Culture
  • SH = Aquaculture/Fisheries
  • TX341-641 = Nutrition. Food and food supply
  • TX642-840 = Cooking/Cook books
  • TX901-946.5 = Hospitality industry
  • Novels and memoirs will be in the Ps

Search the library catalog for your topic. When you find a book, click on the call number to browse the books to the left and right on the shelf.

Finding Books: An Overview

1Search lists all the books held in the OSU Libraries. Use the At OSU Libraries scope to search just the OSU Library Catalog. Use the OSU Libraries + Summit scope to also search Summit. Summit lists books at other regional libraries that can be retrieved for you and delivered within 3-5 business days, free of charge. If the OSU Libraries do not own an item, use Summit.

WorldCat lists books that are available at other libraries in the United States, and sometimes in other countries. If you find a book you want, and it is not listed in the OSU Libraries catalog or the Summit catalog, you can request the book by clicking on the Request from Interlibrary Loan button in the Summit/WorldCat catalog. This service usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Other Options: Google Book Search searches within indexes and texts of books. How much of the book you see depends on the copyright status, and on how much of their copyrighted work that authors and publishers who participate in the program will allow. For many items, you can click on "Find this book in a library" to see if OSU owns a copy. This is not a complete catalog, so please check OSU and Summit catalogs, too.