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NR 201: Managing Natural Resources for the Future

Library guide for research in natural resource management.

Citing sources in your bibliography

When you use information from any source, be sure to cite it using the appropriate format by consulting the Council of Science Editors Style Guide:  here are two helpful online version of that guide:

Making your case using the best evidence:

The Valley Library subscribes to several databases which index peer-reviewed scientific journal articles relevant to natural resource issues and topics.   The process of "peer-review" (sometimes called "refereeing") is discipline and journal specific.   It is intended to assure that the articles in that journal represent good scientific methodology and are regarded as a contribution to the literature of that field of study.  If in doubt about whether a journal contains peer reviewed articles, ask.

Most databases noted in ths guide will index a high percentage of "refereed" journals and therefore contain very high percentage of peer reviewed articles. They may also include first hand reporting of research findings or state-of-the-art reviews from other reporting sources such as federal agency reports, dissertations, conference proceedings, professional journals, etc.   All of these may prove useful resources for framing and addressing your research question.