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OSU Libraries' How To Guide

This is a guide intended to help everyone start their library research.

Where can I get more help?

Contact the OSU Libraries Information Desk

How to use this guide

This guide is designed to let students guide their own learning. They can select the modules and tutorials most appropriate to their research needs.

The How to Guide contains a number of separate tutorials. You can link your students to this page or cut and paste the URL of the tutorial into Canvas. 

You can also integrate whole guides, pages, or boxes from a guide into your Canvas site. Why do this? You can put the help right where and when the students need it the most..

Help designing your course

OSU librarians have different areas of subject expertise and can help you select the right tutorial for your course or build a custom course page. Please contact the subject specialist for your subject area.

Persistent Links

Persistent links are an easy way to link from your course Blackboard to full-text articles in library databases. Students can access the articles from off-campus with their ONID login.