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*Ecampus Library Services

Information about library services for students taking Ecampus courses and instructors teaching Ecampus courses.

Basic Troubleshooting tips

If you are having trouble accessing the library resources or services from off-campus, here are a few things to try first

1. Make sure your browser is up to date

2. Clear your cache (history and cookies)

3. Try a different browser

If you are getting any kind of error message, please make a note so we can help troubleshoot the problem.

It says I need to pay for an article

If you are trying to access an article online and it says you need to pay for it, there are a few things to check first.

1. Did you get to the article/ebook through the OSU Libraries website? If you went straight to Google Scholar, it may not recognize you as an OSU student. In that case, you should....

2. Cut and paste the title of the article into 1Search. If you are finding the article on the web, you may need to go to the library home page and search for the article through 1Search. If we have access to the article or ebook online, you will be asked to authenticate.

3. It's always possible that this is a journal or ebook to which we do not have a subscription. In that case, place an Interlibrary Loan request and we will get it for you.

It says I don't have access but I think I should

If you are following a link from your Canvas course site and you are getting an error or cannot access the resource

1. Follow basic troubleshooting tips above

2. Check the URL of the source. If the source does not have something about proxy.oregonstate  in it, it may not work for you off-campus. You can usually go directly to the OSU Library website and access the source from 1Search (search by title). That should authenticate you and allow you access.

3. Use the VPN. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) sets you up with an OSU IP address. While the Proxy should let you in regardless of where you are, on occasion, you may be blocked anyway due to local restrictions. In that case, set up a VPN to access the resource.

Where can I get more help?

Contact the OSU Libraries Information Desk