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*Defense Education

Guide to library research in the field of defense education with a selection of resources available to Valley Library users.

Background Information

Subject encyclopedias are organized alphabetically and contain authoritative information on various topics. Overviews of current research and short bibliographies on specific topics also are included. Use them to discover, develop, and narrow topics for research papers.

Specialized dictionaries define terms, concepts, and jargon used in a particular field or subject, sometimes in extended entries.


  • Encyclopedia of the North American Colonies E45 .E53 1993
  • United States in World War I: an Encyclopedia D510 .U65 199
  • Encyclopedia of Colonial and Revolutionary America E188 .E63 1990
  • Encyclopedia of World History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern D21 .L3 1972
  • Encyclopedia of the American Military UA 23 .E56 1994
  • Harper Encyclopedia of Military History from 3500 B.C. to the Present UA23 .E56 1994
  • US War Machine: An Encyclopedia of Military Equipment and Strategy UA23 .U79 1983


  • Dictionary of Military Terms: A Guide to the Language of Warfare and Military Institutions U24 .D87 1986
  • Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War E468 .H57 1986
  • Naval Terms Dictionary V23 .N6 1988
  • Dictionary of Battles D25 .A2 H2 1971
  • Dictionary of Wars D25 .A2 K63 1986
  • Handbook of American Military History E181 .H23 1996

Dates & Events

  • American Military History E181 .M18 1973
  • Civil War Almanac E468.3 .B68 1983
  • Civil War Day by Day Almanac, 1861-1865 E468.3 .L6
  • Chronicle of the First World War D523 .G634 1990
  • Chronology of the Modern World D209 .W59 1994b
  • Chronology of the United States E174.5 .C63



  • Dictionary of American Military Biography U52 .D53 1984 (3 vol.)
  • Webster's American Military Biographies U52 .W4 1984
  • The Congressional Medal of Honor: the names, the deeds  UB433 .C65 1984
  • Forever a Soldier: unforgettable stories of wartime service  U52 .F66 2005