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ENG 217: Artists' Books in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Selection List


PS3561.A8612 A96 1993
Kaufman, & Van Vliet, C. Janus Press. Aunt Sallie’s Lament. Chronicle Books.

N7433.4 .R39 T8 1998
  Raz, Hilda., et al. Truly Bone : Poems. Women’s Studio Workshop, 1998.

 N7433.4.W47 S54 2005
  Weston, Heather. Shedding Light. Bookery, 2005.

N7433.4.Z55 S36 2009
  Zimmermann, Philip. Sanctus Sonorensis. Spaceheater Editions, 2009.

N7433.4.R39 G63 2013
  Ray, Michelle, and Herman Melville. God Created the Sea and Painted It Blue so We’d Feel Good on It. Small Craft Advisory Press, 2013.

N7433.3 .T75 2014
  Kinsey, Leland, illustrated by Claire Van Vliet. Trio. Janus Press, 2014.

N7433.4.C3687 D3 2022
  Carroll, Grenville. Dark matter. [VSW Press].

N7433.4.B79 B56 2010
   Bryant, Sarah. Biography. Big Jump Press.

N7433.4.K478 L56 2009 
  Kim, Moss, G., Tregear, M., & Hicks, C.  A line. Incline Press.

N7433.4.W528 R47 2009
  Wight, Gail. Restless dust. San Francisco Center for the Book.