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COVID Collecting: How to Participate

Documenting the experiences of OSU communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and after

What Can You Submit?

It has been made clear that in conducting research for a series of blog posts about OSU and the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic how little documentation we had.  We want to facilitate future understanding of this period through collecting materials relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Submission ideas - 

  • Screenshots of Instagram posts or Twitter threads
  • Diary or journal entries, poetry, and other written responses
  • Photos and videos
  • Drawings, paintings, and other creative expressions
  • ...whatever else you might have in mind!

Interested in participating in an oral history interview?  Fill out the form or email Anna Dvorak at for more details.


***As of now we are only accepting digital contributions, however, this could change when we are back on campus


How to Submit Items:

Please use this Qualtrics form to submit your items and provide your permission for us to add them to our collections.  We highly value your privacy and your email address will not be shared or sold. 

Since we are still working off-campus, we can only accept digital materials at this time.  Each form can accommodate file file uploads, and we can accept a wide variety of formats, including photos (jpg, png, gif), and text (txt, pdf, docx, doc).  If you have video (mp4, mov) or audio (mp3, wav) files, please submit the form and email the files to with the subject: COVID Collecting Audiovisual Files. Since each uploaded can be up to 100MB, multiple files can be compressed into one ZIP file prior to uploading.  For security reasons, executable files (such as those ending in .exe) are not permitted.

If you interview other people in the course of your documentation, we will also need their permission so that we can preserve and share the recordings with future researchers.  Please have any friends, family members, or community members fill out this form if you wish to record with them.  If we do not receive releases from all participants, we cannot preserve the materials.  However, only one person will need to attach the files to the form -- co-creators can simply fill in their personal information along with a description of the materials so we can link co-creators together.

If you are unsure about something in particular or have physical items you would like to contribute at a later date, please email Anna Dvorak at Want to talk to a person? Talk to us during our virtual Zoom reading room hours M-F, 10-1. We will be happy to answer your questions!

Additional Information:

In the process of submitting items you'll be asked to give your content more context. What inspired you? How does it respond to, relate to, or reflect your experience during this time? What would viewers need to know to better understand and contextualize your content?

Please provide a description for each file. Include locations, event, dates, and names of people included (if known).  For example, "This is a photo that I took on March 16, 2020 as I drove away from campus for the last time," or "This is a drawing of my view of where I sit to attend class in Albany."  Files without supplied dates will be dated using the submission date.

Please note:

At this time, submissions collected will not be immediately available.  They will be available to patrons following processing by SCARC staff.

Questions to Guide Your Submissions:

  • How has your schooling changed? Work? Daily activities and hobbies?
  • Where are you now? When this started?
  • How has your community adapted and evolved?
  • Who are you with?
  • What has the emotional and mental impact been?
  • How has social distancing impacted you?

Oral History Interviews:


Interested in participating in an oral history interview on the impacts of the COVID pandemic on you and your community?  Email Anna or fill out the form and let us know!

Please Remember:

Your work will be publicly available and downloadable to a worldwide audience.

Your work may not violate any Oregon State University policies and should consider our community standards and expectations with regard to content.

You may submit more than one work. The collection will remain open and submissions will be accepted until further notice.