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*OSU Libraries COVID-19 Updates

Updates about Library Services

Submit Your Course Reserves

OSU Libraries continues to offer course reserves, provide research support, and work to acquire the materials that you need for teaching and research. The links to the left of this guide will get you to all of these services, and more. 
As we respond to course reserves requests we will prioritize our work in this way:
  1. We will try and secure licensed, digital copies of books and articles first;
  2. In alignment with Fair Use, we will scan print materials; and
  3. We will find and share open materials where they are available.
To expedite our work, please use the Purchase Request form for all purchase requests and for all Course Reserves-related requests.
A few constraints:
  • Some titles are not available to us as Ebooks (even if there are Kindle versions available).
  • When we acquire Ebooks, we try and secure licenses that will allow multiple users to simultaneously use the book.
  • Staffing shortages may affect how quickly we can get a new book to appear in the catalog.
  • Requests will be processed in the order received.
  • If we cannot get an Ebook, we will work with you to scan content from the print version to get you through the quarter.
Be aware:
To do our work, we rely heavily on a global network of information providers, including publishers and partner libraries.  It is inevitable that this developing global crisis will affect this network. We will do our very best to get you the information you need.  We are working at capacity to meet these needs; but we know there will be delays we cannot control.  When that happens, we may reach out to you to talk about alternatives.
Thank you for all you are doing,
OSU Libraries and Press

COVID-19 & Course Reserves Scanning at OSU Libraries

As explained in the Public Statement of Library Copyright Specialists: Fair Use & Emergency Remote Teaching & Research, Fair Use may permit more extensive scanning as part of a legitimate response to a public health emergency such as this one. Fair use is designed to be flexible and responsive. Under these circumstances and only during this time, OSU Libraries may scan content that may not ordinarily be scanned in order for the educational mission of the university to continue in a way that protects public health. 

Before course material is scanned by OSU Libraries for online teaching, the Libraries are first investigating whether materials are available through alternative sources:

  • As an ebook with a license that will allow multiple simultaneous users.

  • As an ebook made freely available by the publisher or other vendor to institutions affected by COVID-19 closures. 

If course materials are not available through these avenues, the Libraries are scanning them for online teaching. Scanning will be reasonable in relation to current extraordinary circumstances and will be limited to the portion of a given work that is needed for full participation in the course for the duration of the students’ dislocation.

OER & OSU Bookstore

If you would like assistance in finding open educational resources to replace current course learning materials, please contact, Stefanie Buck for assistance.

Check OSU Bookstore to confirm their services, they are delivering e-books and digital materials online and their physical books can either be shipped or held for pick-up at the Corvallis campus store's external service counter.

Copyright Statement Cover Page for Course Reserves Scans During COVID-19 Closures

NOTICE: This scan is being provided as part of Oregon State University’s effort to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus. It is for your personal or instructional use only, and is only intended for use during the time when University public health measures prevent access to your personal copy or a copy on physical reserve at the Library. Please discard this copy once you have access to your personal copy or to the physical copy at the Library, and do not share it.


When available, we have included the copyright statement provided in the work from which this copy was made. If the work from which this copy was made did not include a formal copyright notice, this work may still be protected by copyright law. Uses may be allowed with permission from the rights-holder, or if the copyright on the work has expired, or if the use is “fair use” or within another exemption. The user of this work is responsible for determining lawful use.