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Open Education Week 2020

Open Education Week is an opportunity for students and faculty members to learn about the impact open education can have on teaching and learning.

Resources in the LIbrary

Start with what we already have! The OSU Libraries is a good place to begin.

While not "free" in the sense that these are open materials, there are many resources OSU already subscribes to that you can use in your courses. Using what we already have saves students from purchasing a textbook or other course materials.

  1. 400,000 ebooks
  2. 82,000 unique online journals
  3. 60,000 streaming videos

If we have a print book or DVD in our collection and you plan to use it in your class, place it on course reserves! That way students who are waiting for the text can get started with the readings.

Persistent Links

When you locate a full-text article, ebook or streaming video in the library, use a persistent link or permalink to provide access for your students.