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GRAD 571/572: Translating Research to Innovation

Lens of the Market Stage 1: Useful Library resources to aid in research

Other Useful Subject Guides

Where can I get more help?

Contact the OSU Libraries Information Desk

Business and Marketing Research at OSU Libraries

OSU Libraries has many resources available for students and faculty to do business and market research. The purpose of this guide is to alert you to some of the more useful tools we have, and give some help in how to use them.

Complete market research must include a variety of information. Components in a market research report need to include the following:

  • Overview of the business landscape: found in BUSINESS NEWS sources
  • Products: INDUSTRY INFORMATION sources can help you here
  • Customers & Competitors: databases with COMPANY INFORMATION are a good place to start with this


Additional Information Resources for Business/Marketing

Not every useful resource is listed in this guide. You may wish to look further, using these resources.

Visit the Library Home Page

Databases list: Databases A-Z link 

Library Research Guides (LibGuides)

  • On the Library Home Page
  • HELP tab>>Research Guides>>Business or Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Or see OTHER USEFUL SUBJECT GUIDES box in the left column


OSU is unable to subscribe to every useful business database available. Additional resources are available at the University of Oregon Knight Library, and OSU students (with ONID accounts) are welcome to visit them in Eugene and use their databases in-house (sorry, they are not available remotely to non-UO students; you will need to make a trip to their campus to use these)