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FW 506: Professional Science Master's Capstone

Capstone Challenge

Your capstone project challenges you to explore a variety of information resources, read them and synthesize them into a document that captures your unique voice and perspective. These information resources should include, but are not limited to, the Fisheries/Wildlife sciences and Human Dimensions courses you’ve completed as part of your Master's program of study and peer-reviewed literature relevant to your capstone topic. If your capstone is based on new research data your final product should also include a thorough evaluation and interpretation of those data that is supported by your peer-reviewed literature review. You should be working closely with the three faculty members who comprise your graduate committee as you outline and write your capstone. This website serves as a resource to help you find and utilize all of the library and writing resources available to you through OSU.

Quick Tips

    *  Evaluate your sources. Don't assume everything you find is true, accurate or timely.
    * Keep track of the sources you find so you can document them accurately in your papers.
    * If you don't get results using one approach, try another. Do not assume that nothing exists on the topic.
    * Not everything is in the computer.
    * Ask for help from a librarian if you get stuck or confused.
    * Don't put all of your research off until the last possible moment. It won't be much fun.

Ecampus Services

The OSU Libraries provides various services for students who are taking this course through Ecampus. The Ecampus library services page has the most complete information.


Online Learning Librarian

If you have questions about library services for Ecampus and remote users or need help getting started using the library, please contact:

Zach Welhouse
Online Learning Librarian
(541) 737-2376