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Preserving and Sharing Data with ScholarsArchive@OSU: Embargo Policies

Oregon State University provides digital preservation and sharing for OSU-affiliated researchers via our institutional repository, ScholarsArchive@OSU. This guide tells you everything you need to know about using SA@OSU for datasets.

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General Embargo Policy

Embargoes will generally be defined (and practiced) in the ScholarsArchive@OSU repository as a publicly available item record with restrictions on access to the bitstream (file) itself. Embargoes may be set for any time period.

ScholarsArchive@OSU was originally conceived of as an Open Access repository, and we encourage researchers to consider making their publications Open Access and their data Open Data. However, we acknowledge that in some cases researchers may need to restrict access to their work. There are many reasons why some might want to embargo their deposits, which include but are not strictly limited to:

  • Plans to file a patent based on research and/or data
  • Plans for future publication based on research and/or data
  • Research and/or data is subject to review by sponsor or grantor prior to publication
  • Plans to publish research based on research and/or data and publisher has indicated that data release counts as "prior publication"
  • A need to embargo the dataset while a related manuscript is under review
  • Copyright options are still under consideration

Any research deposited with the ScholarsArchive@OSU repository must be stripped of all personally-identifiable information, in accordance with patient privacy laws and IRB restrictions. Data sensitivity is not an acceptable reason for embargo.

Any embargoed item in the repository must contain contact information for the corresponding creator/principal investigator (NOT the depositor), so that end users who wish to gain access may request it.

Metadata/citation information will be visible for embargoed items. Since search engines will be able to find these citations that do not yet include the full-text content, a note regarding who to contact shall be placed on the record. This should alleviate any frustration encountered by the public when locating these records.

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