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How do I request materials from other OSU Libraries?

You can request materials from our branch libraries. You need to be logged in to place the request.

  • Locate the item in the At OSU Libraries scope
  • Click on the Availability & Request Options tab
  • Click on Request

Fill in the form. Your requesting option may be different from the image below depending on your status.

If you are an Ecampus student or faculty member, choose Home Delivery. All other choose the location where you want to pick up the item and click on Request.

Can I still request materials from other libraries?

Absolutely! When you see an item that shows Request this item, that means the item is either checked out or OSU Libraries does not own it. Click on the Availability & Request tab and then click on Request.

Summit Borrowing

You can borrow books from Summit  libraries and have them sent to one of the OSU Libraries.

To search Summit, choose the OSU Libraries + Summit scope from the drop-down menu.

OSU Libraries and Summit scope

To request an item from Summit, click on the Availability and Request Options tab.

To see which libraries own the item, click on the Summit Libraries(n) link. The (n) indicates the number of libraries that own the item.

Summit requesting options

To request the item, click on the Place Summit request link and fill in the form. Click on Request.

Summit request form

You will be notified via email when you item has arrived and is available for pick-up.